Detailed here will be the shadowy figures of the Inquisition.

In particular Inquisitor Payne and his warband of questionable allegiance.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


The following Persons are wanted for suspicion of conspiring with Inquisitor Payne.

They should be considered heretics and reported to the local Arbites.

Maverick "Inferno"

A shady Psycher who had been involved in many experimental Psychic enhancement programs before turning rogue, not entirely convinced of his psychic abilities, he always carries a big gun.

Torrick "The Tank"

Barely human any more, this behemoth of a man has been enhanced beyond the strength of even a mighty space marine, very rarely does this creature use doors, preferring to crash in through solid walls, suprising his prey before pummeling them into goo.

For those targets out of reach (a common problem for such a slow moving hulk) Torric sports a fully automatic cannon on his claw.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Inquisitor Payne

Inquisitor Payne: Under Investigation by Inquisitor Rayvenn of the Black Storm, on suspicion of Heresy against the holy emperor, and the Imperium of man.

Inquisitor Payne is suspected of causing the chaos incursion in 960.M41 which engulfed Borlina. there are trace amounts of money exchanging hands between the inquisitor and some of the more corrupt govenrors. Rumours that he has a large laboratory underneath the Borlina main Palace of Bolingrav are widespread, coincidentally the palace was the worst hit area of Borlin.